We’re Back!


Welcome to On The One Hand. This is our space to blog about our two gorgeous girls, Phoebe and Marla who were born to us, two mums named Tash and Joanne. They have lots of things in common: they were both born in 2013, they were born in the same town and they both live in the same different town, they had the same paediatrician and the same Health Visitor, oh yeah and they were both born missing a hand. We met through a charity called Reach that helps families like ours and kids like them, and instantly became friends. We created On The One Hand for us to raise awareness of limb difference and to show the world how we see our beautiful daughters.

Unfortunately due to some technical issues our blog was taken down recently but we have finally built our new one.  It’s a little empty at the moment, but we are working to restore our old blogs and looking forward to getting back into writing new ones.

In the meantime you can follow what we’ve been up to with the girls on social media:


Recently Marla received a 3d printed hand, with great thanks to the guys at @NADHack, we took a video of her opening and trying it out for the first time and it has been met with massive positive response. It can be found on all of the above, but it is also available on YouTube for those that don’t do social media. https://youtu.be/AOeAgRftSIs